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Jay has rocked audiences in casinos, clubs, and theaters all over North America and here’s what people are saying . . . 


Rod Stewart

Los Angeles, CA

“Jay is a dead ringer for Rod!!”

Antonio España

Mexico City, Mexico

Oh sure, every Rod Stewart impersonator has the haircut, shoes, and clothes . . . some even have the voice and moves.  But in addition to all of that, Jay has something the other Rod Stewart look-alikes will never have.  He’s got the nose . . . HE’S GOT THE NOSE!  As Rod himself would sing, some guys have all the luck.


Armed with a repertoire of over forty hits, dressed to the nines in full Rod regalia, and belting it out with a raspy four octave range, Jay consistently brings it on and dares any audience anywhere to leave his performances unhappy.  Fun is had by all and it is always a jolly good time indeed!

Be it with a dynamic four-piece band, alone with backing tracks, or any combination in-between, Jay astonishingly recreates all phases of Rod’s award winning career from his early days with the Jeff Beck Group and Faces right through to his current residency at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.


From the majesty of a full blown rock concert to the intimacy of a private party, Jay’s ability to connect with any audience has made his Boston-based Rod Stewart Tribute a top choice among event planners, booking agents, and music lovers from New England to England . . . make him yours too!


No stranger to the tribute world, Jay Gates' impersonation of Barry Manilow has "Fanilows" agreeing that this act is rapidly becoming THE show to see!  Be it the classic Copacabana, sing-along Can't Smile Without you, or show-stopping Even Now, Jay's faithful representation of Barry's voice combined with a jaw dropping visual portrayal and multimedia presentation always leaves audiences wanting more!

"The best Barry Manilow look and sound alike EVER!"

Eddie Edwards

The Edwards Twins


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